How we are different

We have a complete platform which enterprise can use. Some more details:

  1. Conversational UI: We have a conversational UI (unlike graph UI) which makes bot development pretty easy and natural. you can see it in the video.
  2. Converse: This lets the real human agent work along with AI. This helps you provide a hybrid bot. When bot is unable to understand something, the customer will be transferred to a human agent. It's been made for multiple agents and automatic load balancing.
  3. Analytics: We have native advanced analytics. There are multiple pre made dashboard and we can also build custom dashboards on request.
  4. AI: We have our own AI engine which performs as par with and is 10x cheap.
  5. Announce: This lets you segment your audience and target them on messaging channel. This is just like MailChimp for messaging.
  6. We know how to make good bots. Our bots are recognized by Facebook as a right way of making bots. We are also in Facebook Messenger Platform Development Provider list.
  7. We are among very few in the market who understand chatbot's potential in Marketing and have created a complete platform around it.
  8. We also provide consultation which includes:
    1. Review of your conversation design by experienced bot scriptwriters.
    2. Expert tips on ChatBot strategy for your business
    3. Setting up right analytics to track everything you need to improve your bot
    4. Setting up marketing pixel for bot for re-targeting and to measure conversion
    5. Data-driven fine-tuning of user experience
    6. Growth plan to boost your chatbot users

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