Entities are words/phrases detected from user statement which helps bot to apply intent's action on particular data subset or to be used as filter. For example entities inFind me red denim jeanscan bered[Color], denim[Type]and jeans[Product].

There are two type entities you can use:

1. System Entities

As of now we support 4 types of system entities:

  1. Integer : Entity with data type natural numbers.
  2. Double : Entity with data type Double.
  3. Date : Detects date and returns result in epoch.
  4. Color : Detects the color. (Modifiable)
  5. Asterisk : When nothing else works. This acts as a wildcard and can match with anything.

More values can be added to Modifiable system entities. For eg. if AI Understander doesn't detect any certain color sayPitch Black, then brand can create an entity, with nameMy Color, extending_Color_system entity from platform and add_Pitch Black_as one of the value.

2. User Defined

These are the entities defined by users. User can define entities from Train Tab.

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