User Statements

  1. Introduction
  2. Sections
    1. Untrained Statements
    2. Trained Statements
    3. All Statements
  3. How to train
  4. FAQ


User Statements lets you view and manage all the messages ,from your customers, which bot was unable to understand with confidence. You can go and train any such statement there. This will help the bot to evolve.


User Statements provides following tabs:

Untrained Statement

This will contain all the statements which either:

  1. Bot was unable to understand at all.
  2. Bot understood the statement but it was not confident enough.

You can click on any statement and train it to teach the bot how to understand that statement.

Trained Statement

This will contain all the statements which you have trained before in Untrained Statement. This section is just helps you keep track of your training history. it will also tell you who have trained any particular statement.

All Statements

This is combination of above two sections. This section help you search over all the data.

How to train

  1. Select any statement
  2. Choose how you want to train it.
  3. Select the matching intent and entities.


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