1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy
  3. Benefits
  4. Setup
  5. Tabs
  6. What else


Using converse you can have a Human+AI hybrid chatbot to serve your customers.

Converse lets human agents work along with chatbot.


Whenever your bot is unable to understand something, instead of showing error to customer

  1. The customer is transferred to live human agent pool in real time.
  2. A free human agent assigns the customer to himself/herself.
  3. Agents chats with customer.
  4. Agent also trains the bot to understand this scenario next time.
  5. Agent assigns the bot back to the customer.

There is one more case when bot is chatting with customer and agent wants to overtake the chat from bot. This can also be achieved from Converse.


  1. Your customers will not get frustrated if bot is unable to understand something.
  2. Your customers can anytime ask to chat with human.
  3. Your bot will evolve each time an agent chats with a customer. This makes sure your bot to always improve.
  4. You can launch your bot very fast and can evolve it while continuously getting new customer data.


Converse is configurable. You can switch it on or off on your bot. By default it is disabled. You can switch it on from Deploy tab.


Converse is divided into three tabs:

  1. Waiting: When human fallback is enabled, all the customers which bot is unable to understand will come here.
  2. Live: It will contain all the customers the bot is talking at any moment i.e. currently active sessions.
  3. All: This will contain all the customers.

What else

  1. You can also edit customer information from here.
  2. You can also create private notes which will be shown in customer timeline.

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