Training help you evolve your bot. It lets your bot learn new things to help your customers.

Morph offers three ways to train your bot:

1. Pre-Training

This you do when you first create your bot. This give your bot the initial knowledge it needs to get started.

You can pre-train the bot using:

  1. Intents: Just add all the different statements you can think of for all the intents
  2. Entities: Add all the different values you can think of all the entities and also add synonyms for these values.

2. Real-Time Training

This lets you train your bot in real time when the bot is unable to understand something. This doesn't let your customer suffer, if bot is unable to understand something, and also evolves the bot. To know how to use Real-Time Training go here.

This is the best way to evolve your bot.

3. Offline Training

In case you were unable to train the bot in real time, you can still evolve your bot using this. With offline training you can control and mange anything your bot is unable to understand. To know how to use Offline Training go here.

What else

Morph provide you ways to add initial knowledge to system and also uses new customer data to evolve your bot. This completes the cycle and ensures that your bot will keep evolving always.


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