Hi, welcome to This guide will provide a overview of all the features provides.

Morph provides a complete solution to build, deploy and manage (analyze, train, converse) your chatbot. On top of building your chatbot, Morph also let you manage and evolve your chatbot.

What you can do with

  1. As the name suggests Build lets you build your bot. To build your bot you will write Conversations. Conversations will contain all the conversational logic for your chatbot.
  2. Deploy lets you deploy your bot to multiple messaging platforms (Facebook, Web Messenger, iOS, Android, etc.). You can also configure the different messaging options from here (eg. Persistent Menu, Getting Started, etc.)
  3. Using Converse you can have a human + AI hybrid chatbot to let your human agent work along with your chatbot.
  4. Analyze shows you all the insights about your chatbot.
  5. You can easily send and conduct polls on your bot.
  6. Let your bot audience to subscribe to manual or automated (from different sources like RSS, Youtube, Instagram etc.) news updates.
  7. Create campaigns and send broadcast to different segments of your bot audience.
  8. Evolve your bot to make it more intelligent.
  9. Mange and export your bot audience.

Let's start

  1. Follow Create your first bot to create your first bot.
  2. After you are done with your bot, explore all the other features in Getting Started section.
  3. Now deep dive into detailed documentation of all the concepts and features of Morph platform in Dashboard section.
  4. Joins us on slack to learn more and new feature updates.

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