Use polls dashboard to track performance of the polls that you are publishing.


The first widget in the poll gives an overview of the important numbers. The number of polls published, total votes on them and average votes on the polls.

The second widget tells the number of users who voted on the poll.

The third widget tells you which poll was the most engaging within the time frame.

Poll Results

Shows you the breakdown of votes cast for different options of a poll. Select the poll which you want to see results for in the filter selection on top right of the widget.

Votes By Gender

Gives a breakdown of voters by their gender.

Votes By Location

Gives a breakdown of voters by their location.

Engagement By Tags

Use this to compare performance of different type of polls. Example: Goal of the month poll vs Man of the match poll. Poll users count is the number of people who received the poll message and Votes Count is the people who voted for that poll.

Engagement By Poll

Use this widget to get individual performance of polls. Metrics are similar to above widget.

Best Time To Publish a Poll

This heatmap shows when users are voting most for the polls. Use this to appropriately time your polls.

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