Human Fallback

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
  3. How it works
  4. Coming Soon


Human fallback let human agents work with chatbots. This enables smooth conversation for your customer and safe automation for a business.

Human handover is completely configurable. You can disable it, change the what your consumer will see when the transition (fallback) happens.

Also,'s human fallback is made to scale. Multiple human agents can sit parallely and handle incoming request.



You can enable/disable human fallback in Deploy section. Click edit on your bot and configure human fallback.


You can configure the message which will be sent to the customer when the fallback happens (Build -> Conversations -> Agent Fallback) and when the customer is assigned back to the bot (Build -> Messages -> Basic Messages -> Bot Assigned).

How it works

  1. Customer sends message to bot.
  2. Bot is unable to understand the message.
  3. Now the human fallback will happen:
    1. Bot sends the above configured message to customer
    2. The customer will be assigned to human agent. The customer will appear in Converse -> Waiting section.
    3. The bot will stop responding to any new customer message.
    4. Any agent selects the customer and click on Start Chat button.
    5. The agent who clicked the button first will be assigned to the customer.
    6. The customer will be removed from the Converse -> Waiting section.
  4. Human agent will chat with the customer. During this time, the human agent can also train the bot for new messages.
  5. Now to assign the customer back to bot, the agent will click on close icon and then Assign to Bot button. Now following will happen:
    1. The agent will be unassigned from the customer.
    2. The above configured Bot Assigned message will be sent to customer.
    3. The bot will start responding to any new customer message from now on.

Coming Soon

Following features are coming soon in Human Fallback:

  1. Office Hours
  2. Canned Responses
  3. Agent Permissions
  4. Agent online/offline status
  5. Agent Fallback

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