If your are new to Announce, please follow the getting started guide first.

  1. Introduction
  2. Use Cases
  3. Anatomy of an Announcement
    1. Creating
    2. Segmenting
    3. Targeting
    4. Positioning
  4. Benefits
  5. FAQ

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Just like you use Mailchimp for emails, you can use Announce for chatbots.

Announce lets you send notification over messaging platforms.

Use Cases

  1. News: Send news around your business.
  2. Updates: Keep your customers informed about any new development in your business.
  3. Promotion: Send promotional content.
  4. Offers: Send personalised offers and coupons.
  5. Onboard: Interact with new customers to help them onboard.
  6. Up sell or Cross sell: manage repurchase programmes.
  7. Reminder: Don't let your customers miss anything.
  8. Wake Inactive Leads: Target inactive customers and increase engagement with them.

Anatomy of an Announcement

You can easily send notifications in four easy steps:

  1. Create: Create & design a notification message
  2. Segmentation: Define your target audience
  3. Targeting: Schedule to automatically send notification
  4. Positioning: Analyze the customer engagement.

Below, every section is explained in detail. To see a example please follow getting started guide.

1. Create

To create an announcement:

  1. Select the bot on which you want to send the notification.
  2. Create rich messages or select any pre-created template.

Apart from this you can also give a title and tags to manage the poll (tags are for internal use only, customers won’t see this).

2. Segment

Following filters are available to segment your audience:

  1. Gender: Filter audience on gender.
  2. Locale: Select audience based on their language. Please find the list of Locales supported by Morph here and by Facebook here. Using this you can send notification in native language to make them more personalised.
  3. Subscribed: To segment the audience based on the topic they have subscribed to. Refer here to know more about subscriptions.

There is still a lot of possibilities to filter audience based on business logic. Please contact us if you need any other way to segment your audience.

3. Target

There are two ways to send the notifications:

  1. Send Now: This will send the notifications immediately.
  2. Schedule for Later: This lets you schedule the notification for a future time, to be sent automatically.

    Send messages based on your users' timezone lets you specify a time independent of customer timezone i.e. if you schedule a notification for 09:00 am, then all your customers will receive the notification at 09:00 am of morning in their own timezone.

4. Positioning

This lets you analyze and find the insights from the notifications you have sent. Go to Analyze and select the Subscription dashboard. To understand all the widgets please refer here.


  1. Get around 80%-90% open rates while with email you get around 5%-20%1,2
  2. Send rich notifications
  3. Schedule for later
  4. Segment your audience to create more specific content
  5. Categorize your poll with help of tags
  6. Define templates
  7. Schedule based on customer timezone to entertain your global market.
  8. Detailed analytics on each notification you send.
  9. Scale automatically according to your audience size.


1. How long it takes to send a notification?

It usually take seconds, but there is no guarantee. To get a fixed SLA for sending notification purchase Enterprise Plan.

1: Email Marketing Benchmarks 2: What's a Good Email Open Rate & Click Rate?

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