Subscription dashboard helps in tracking & analysing performance of the subscriptions.


The first widget provides an overview of number of subscriptions or un-subscriptions. Date filter do not effect lifetime subscriptions. This widget provides insights on the volume of subscribed users you are catering to.

The second widget is same as the first widget except it pulls data within the date range applied on the dashboard.

Third widget show open rate of the messages.

Published Message Distribution

This widget gives a trend of messages published broken down by subscription lists. This widget will provide you your most active subscription lists. Combine this with number of subscribers in the list and device an strategy on which subscription list to cater more.

Subscribers By Location

This widget tells the geography of your subscribers. Location is determined by locale of Facebook, so it might be inaccurate. Use this & announce module to send content in those languages to them.

Subscription List Open Rate

This widget shows the open rate broken down by Subscription List. Count is the number of users who received the message

Subscription List Open Rate By Message

This widget shows the above metrics at message level. Track specific message performance using this widget.

Best Time To Publish

This widget shows a heat-map of the read time. This is an indicator of the time when most of your audience is online. Use this widget to know when to send messages to your audience.

Subscription List Open Rate By Message Type

This widget gives open rate by the type of messages. Use this insight to design the message that you are sending.

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