Chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods with its users. Hence there is always a need for the businesses to define a sequence of structural, to and fro actions between a business and customer for the bot to cater the needs of the customer effectively.

Anatomy of a Conversation

You can create a structured flow by following just two simple steps:

  1. Define Starting Rule: Determine the entry/starting point for the conversation.
  2. Fill Dialog: Define all your actions.

Example: Create a conversation for filling a complaint

Lets create an example conversation, to record the customer complaint with a proper starting rule and all the actions taken by the bot to intake all knowledge about the complaint.

We are creating a conversation when a customer wishes to make a complaint against a product which has not yet been received. To follow along go to Conversation.

Next Steps:

  1. Lets start creating new conversations. Some ideas to create conversations:
    1. Collect user feedback.
    2. Browse through different products.
    3. Track order.
    4. Book a table in a restaurant
    5. Book a cab.
    6. Customer information retrieval.
    7. Sell merchandises and affiliate products.
  2. To know more about Conversation refer to detailed documentation

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