Branch module in conversation is a way to branch the present conversation into several branches based on the variable.

Pre Requisites

The pre requisite for creating a branch in a conversation are:

  • Variable : Select a branching variable, the value of this variable will be used to create the various cases of the branch.

  • Cases: Each branch of the conversation is denoted by a case. A case comprises of a name (which is only used for differentiation, not seen by customers), a rule. Each case represents a 'if' condition, where if is denoted by a rule.

A rule can be formed by selecting one of the following options::

a. If variable value is exactly matches with certain statements. Note that this is case sensitive.

b. If variable value matches with regression expression.

c. If variable value contains certain words.

d. If variable is not set i.e. if variable does not exist or has no value.

Various cases can be created wherein each case could represent a different conversation, or certain group of modules.

There is always a default case included along with other cases for the 'else' condition.


After adding the variable and the cases the branch module would seem like this


Do case names have any effect on the functionality of the bot?

Case names are just for display purpose, they do not have any effect on bot's functionality.

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