Overview dashboard provides a wholistic picture across various dimensions of the bot. Use this dashboard to gain insights on messages and users of the bot.

Various widgets that can be found on this dashboard are:


The first widget in summary section provides an overview of the messages & its breakdown. How many messages the bot sent vs how many messages the bot received. It also gives you a percentage change, so you can check performance of your marketing campaign or ads.

The second widget in summary section provides you an overview of sessions. A session is calculated based on a trailing 15 minute window. Think of it as a clock of 15 minutes. When a user messages the bot, the clock is set to 0. If the clock reaches 15 minutes a session is completed. If the user messages before clock reaches 15 minutes, clock is reset to 0 and the message belongs to the same session.

The first metric is the average session duration with its percentage change. You should use this metric to see how engaging the bot is. Are people using the bot for longer period or time or not. The second metric is total sessions. Combine this with number of users and gain insight if the users are coming back or not. The third metric is messages per session and is co-related to the first metric.

The third widget is the average response time. Use this metric to see how much a user has to wait on average to get a response.

Message Distribution

This widget provides a trend & a breakdown of the sent and received messages. You can use this to check the performance of a marketing campaign for the bot or check for any anomalies.

Users By Gender

This widget provides the gender of the new users you gained within that time period. Note that it is not the gender breakdown of the people who messaged you in that time period.

User Trend

This widget provides a trend of the number of users messaging the bot.

Messages By Social Network

This widget gives a breakdown of messages by different social networks. You can track on which social network, you are getting most traffic and which social networks need a push.

Messages By Language

Get a breakdown of language of messages that you are receiving. This will help you understand the geography of users, so that you can cater specific to them

Sessions By Date

This widgets shows a trend of average number of messages per sessions broken by date.

Messages By Day

This widget shows the messages by day of week. This gives an insight on most active days of week.

Received Message Words

Gives an insight on what people are talking about to the bot.

Sent Message Words

Gives an insight on what is the bot talking back to them.

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