There is always a need of keeping your bot customers engaged and get their opinions and feedback. Poll helps you do that. Polls have been used extensively on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Polls let you do the same on bots.

Poll lets you ask a question with options to users for voting.

Anatomy of a poll

You can easily use a poll in four simple steps:

  1. Create: Define the question and the options
  2. Design: Give a nice look and feel to your poll
  3. Publish: Send your poll to target audience
  4. Analyze: Get the insights from customer responses

Example: How to create a poll

Lets create an example poll, publish it and analyze the results.

We are creating a poll to ask customers their favorite holiday destination. To follow along go to Build -> Poll to start creating your poll.

Next Steps

  1. Create your own poll. Some of the ideas to create poll:
    1. Ask for Opinions:
      • New Products
      • New store locations
      • Content ideas
    2. Get customer feedback
    3. Host Polls During Live Events
    4. Give people a say in decisions
    5. Conduct market research on your products or services
    6. Promote specific products
    7. Fun & entertainment.
  2. Head over to detailed documentation to know everything you can do with Poll.

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