Webhooks lets you write your own logic to process user messages. There are two parts to this.

  • Receiving User Message
  • Sending Response to User


  1. Setup Webhook
  2. Create and deploy a bot

Receiving User Message

Once your webhook is verified and your bot is deployed, you will start receiving messages to your webhook. The payload sent is accompanied by an augmentation from our AI Engine. The types of messages that you can receive are text type messages and attachments such as images, videos, gifs etc. The accompanied augmentation from AI Engine may contain intents and entities. To know more about intents and entities refer to this documentation. You will only receive one message in one call. The payload will also carry user_idand bot_id.These parameters will be used in the call for sending back the response to the user.

Sending back a response

You can send following types of messages to the user.

  • Carousal
  • Vertical List
  • Text
  • Attachment
  • Receipt

Carousal Message

This type of message contains a horizontal list of images or gifs. There can be a maximum of 10 elements. Each element can optionally contain a maximum of 3 buttons. The message can also be accompanied by maximum 10 Quick Replies elements.

Vertical List

Message will be rendered as a vertical list. This can contain a maximum of 4 elements. The first element can optionally be a cover element. Each element can contain a button.


A simple text message with optional buttons (max 3).


A message containing either an image or a video. Gifs comes under image category.


Use this to send a receipt of a purchase.

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