Messaging platforms let customers talk directly to businesses. Chatbots provide instant automated support to customers. But there is always a need for business to start conversation with their customers directly.

Announce let businesses send notification to all the customers, interacted with business before, over messaging platforms.

Anatomy of an Announcement

You can easily send notifications in four easy steps:

  1. Create: Create & design a notification message
  2. Segmentation: Define your target audience
  3. Targeting: Schedule to automatically send notification
  4. Positioning: Analyze the customer engagement.

Example: Send notification for new offer

Lets create an example announcement, segment the audience, target the announcement at right time and analyze the results.

We are creating an announcement to promote a offer on holiday packages. To follow along go to Announce.

Next Steps:

  1. Lets start sending announcements. Some ideas to send announcements:
    1. Send news around your business.
    2. Send new updates related to your product.
    3. Send promotional content.
    4. Send personalised offers and coupons.
    5. Send a new product releases.
  2. To know more about Announce refer to detailed documentation

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