This document summarises everything you need to know to deploy a bot.

  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy of Deploy
  3. Benefits
  4. FAQ

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Deploy allows you to deploy, customise and configure your bot on various messaging platforms which your customers use like Facebook Messenger, Website chat, Twitter, Email and many more

Anatomy of Deploy

You can Deploy a bot on a messaging platform in three simple steps

  1. Connect a messaging platform to Morph.
  2. Configure bot behaviours and channel specific settings.
  3. Activate and test the bot.


  1. Choose a messaging platform from Choose a messaging platform section.

  2. Follow the platform specific authorisation steps. Detailed steps are listed in respective channel documentation1 This will create a deploy in the Already deployed section

Choose channel to deploy


  1. Clicak on a deploy to open the Bot configuration screen.S
  2. Here you can configure your bot with settings like:
    • Channel properties (Different for different channels)2
      • Get started button
      • Persistent menu
      • Greeting text
    • Bot behaviour
      • Chitchat
      • Agent fallback
  3. Save the configuration to return to the deploy screen.

Example Configuration of a Web Messenger deploy


Activate the bot by clicking on the toggle button. This will deploy the bot on the messaging platform. Go ahead and test the bot by clicking on the test button.


  • Create your bot logic once and deploy it across messaging platforms from the Deploy tab.
  • Have different bot configurations for different messaging platform
  • Deploy same bot to multiple platform accounts, for example, Deploy the same bot to multiple Facebook pages.


What if a messaging platform is not available on Deploy screen?

Morph supports all major messaging platforms out of which not all are available in the Deploy section.To enable such messaging platforms for you contact us.

How can I deploy a different bot on different messaging platform?

Morph supports only one bot logic per account. You can customise messaging platform specific properties and bot properties from configuration screen. To have different bots on different platforms, you will need multiple Morph accounts.

1 Morph supports all major messaging platforms listed here but not all are available on the platform. Contact support if you want to deploy on messaging platforms not available in Deploy tab.

2 Refer channel specific documentation for more details

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